Welcome To (LAFS) Learning and Fellowship Services

We grow and share -

  • papayas
  • citrus
  • pipinoa
  • taro
  • pineapple
  • guava
  • passion fruit
  • jackfruit
  • kale
  • eggplant
  • cucumbers
  • mountain apples
  • guava
  • sweet peppers
  • hot peppers
  • avocado
  • turmeric
  • guyabano
  • rosemary
  • oregano
  • floral cuttings like bird of paradise for decor and/or propagation
As you take the brief hike through the 1/2 acre garden you will be indulged with the wonderful aromas of gardenia, ginger, plumeria, jasmine and lilikoi blossoms. You may also get to pet one of our 20 friendly cats or dogs too!

Concerned about climate change? Wondering about the future of food security?

Here in beautiful East Hawaii we do our best to model how a community garden can help create a better world.

When you visit Hawaii, take a minute off the beaten path and experience some of the Big Island's favorite, colorful aromatic plants, foliage, fruits, and vegetables. A walk through this fragrant refuge will give you that "back in touch with nature" feeling.

Within this web site are fundraising ideas on how you too can start up a community garden near your neighborhood. If the Green Bronx Machine can do it then so can you! It's a fun healthy way to help our environment. Growing and eating your own homegrown food is the best way to know what you are eating is really organic. Plus, the freshness is where real nutrition is.

Community Garden Anyone can garden!

Growing and eating your own produce is not only the most healthy way to be, you also set the best example for children, who will learn along with you as you GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!!

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Building of a Better World

All Are Welcome

As part of our community outreach we offer free piano and ukelele lessons

We maintain 2 community gardens in East Hawaii.