Garden Fellowship

At (LAFS) Learning and Fellowship Services, we grow green gardens with the help of green promoters. We believe that a dollar invested in seeds can yield $25 worth of produce. Our community is rapidly growing in Hawaii, and we are creating a better world with lots of green gardens.

We are a rural community garden in Hawaii. We promote healthy living by cultivating our own crops for our consumption. Our goal is to create a greener tomorrow so that the world is a better place for this generation and the generations to come.

We have three acres of land for cultivation.

(LAFS) Learning and Fellowship Services

Create A Better World

All are welcome to create their own plot and invest in their own ‘grow your own food’ campaign. We share tools, dirt, vegetables, and information.

(LAFS) Learning and Fellowship Services

A Growing Fellowship

Our community members take pride in making a difference to the world. Most of the members share a common zeal when it comes to growing green vegetation. View gallery of our community members having a wonderful fellowship time, cultivating gardens.

We have invented a fun way to raise funds.